You’ve got bags and bags of clothing and vacation supplies. They’re everywhere – in the trunk and even the back seat. What’s worse, they may even be obstructing your view as you travel down the road to your vacation destination.

The best way to solve this potentially dangerous predicament may be a car top storage system. By putting your excess luggage up top in a secured luggage box, you can get a clear view of the road ahead and behind. With low-profile car top storage models, you can even feel comfortable navigating low overpasses and garages.

Car Top Storage Keeps Your Valuables Secure

Car top storage isn’t a new solution by any means. You probably endured many a family vacation with bulky, oversized luggage carriers in your childhood. But today, this form of storage has been greatly improved. Through the efforts of manufacturers such as Thule and Yakima, car top storage has entered the 21st century. With dynamically engineered materials and aerodynamically sleek construction, clunky car top storage is a thing of the past. These stylish storage solutions are made to suit your modern tastes as well as your expectations for high performance. You shouldn’t expect anything less from these respected names in the sporting goods business.

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