The joys of owning a van to haul all of your supplies and equipment from place to place are equaled by the problem of loading stuff on your roof. Vans have high roof tops, and even the tallest person can have trouble loading bikes, kayaks and snowboards safely onto van roof racks. You need a reliable van roof rack that can be customized to your needs.

All of the supplies and accessories you need to make a van roof rack are available at Rack Solid. Our 30 years of experience in the vehicle rack industry have given us a keen eye when it comes to stocking quality products. Your van’s factory rack may not be strong enough to hold multiple skis and your van may lack gutters that make setting up new roof racks difficult.

Assistance with Van Roof Racks

One of our popular solutions for your van roof rack problem is the use of a product like the Yakima Control Tower to create your own rack. The Control Tower features a patented LandingPad base which allows you to adjust the fit and level of your rack. Further customization options are available through the Yakima Control Tower because it has an adjustable crossbar spread to fit any van.

Unless you are an experienced vehicle rack installer, you need help setting up van roof racks. We know that most customers won’t be able to walk in our Santa Monica store. You can get the same high level of customer service by calling 1-866-450-RACK, sending an email to [email protected], or filling out our contact form with your van roof rack installation questions.

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