The current generation of young professionals have turned to Volkswagen as a main source for their cars and vans. The resurgence of the Volkswagen Beetle and the popularity of the Jetta sedan line have made the distinctive VW hood decoration common on city streets. Volkswagen is also popular among those with an interest in camping, kayaking and other outdoor activities.

Your Volkswagen needs to be equipped with roof racks to help you have a good time out in the wild. Roof racks installed by your dealer may end up being too expensive for your budget and not durable enough for your needs. Our goal at Rack Solid is to give you affordable roof racks for your Volkswagen that fit your specific roof storage needs.

Affordable Volkswagen Roof Racks

Here at Rack Solid, we will show you what you are missing in the world of Volkswagen bike racks. In addition to a variety of bike racks by Thule and Yakima, you can find all manner of accessories to secure your bike or raft to your vehicle. We also provide free UPS Ground shipping for all orders over $50, which means you can save a little bit more money to spend on your next expedition.

Whether you are a cyclist or a kayaker, you will find roof racks that fit securely onto your Volkswagen in our inventory. One call to our offices at 1-800-450-RACK can help you answer any questions you have about a specific product or service we provide. If you are hooked to your PDA or computer, you can send us an email at [email protected] or through our contact form and receive a response within one business day.

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