The use of car top carriers by outdoor enthusiasts and families has been a common practice since the advent of the family wagon. Your interest in Yakima car top carriers might happen because you need to haul equipment for your kids or store skis for a week long trip out of state. As car top carriers have advanced over the last 30 years, we have stayed ahead of the curve with quality service and great products.

At Rack Solid, we make a serious effort to educate our customers about all their options. We carry a variety of Yakima car top carriers and boxes by Yakima, one of the leaders in the vehicle rack market. The difference between one carrier and another depends on price, size, and compatibility with vehicles. One of our versatile car carrier offerings is the Yakima Sky Box 18, because it mixes all of these elements in one package.

Rugged Yakima Car Top Carriers

The Yakima Sky Box 18 is a car top carrier that can handle the rough and tumble nature of mountains, coastal highways and forests. The entire carrier is UV resistant and constructed of materials that cannot be scratched by branches or debris. The aerodynamic lid shape of the Sky Box 18 prevents wind resistance on your vehicle and possesses a high clearance for large loads.

As you are making a decision about car top carriers on our website, you can contact us to take advantage of our top-notch customer service. Give us a call at 1-866-450-RACK. You can also strike up a conversation with our experienced team at [email protected] or through our contact form.

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