Cargo boxes and baskets are a great way to add extra cargo space to your vehicle.

The main difference between cargo boxes and cargo baskets is if you prefer one to be open (basket) or closed and more secure (cargo boxes).

Cargo carriers can sit on the roof of your vehicle, or can be attached to the rear. Cargo boxes require the vehicle to have a roof rack already installed – this can be your vehicle factory roof rack, or an after-market roof rack.

Cargo baskets sit on the roof of your vehicle and also require the vehicle to have an installed roof rack. The great thing about cargo baskets is if the standard ones do not meet your needs, they can easily be extended with an extension kit.

If at the end of this, you’re still unsure about which solution is right for you contact us with any questions you have regarding your cargo box or cargo basket needs! Rack Solid has three locations to serve you in Berkeley, San Francisco and Santa Monica.

Check out the vehicle fit guides we have on our site to help you decide on the perfect cargo carrier for you!

Brands to look at for choosing a cargo box or cargo basket:

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