There’s trunk racks, and then there’s spare-tire racks! What are those you ask?

At Rack Solid, it is our goal to help you make the best choice when it comes to choosing a rack – and that includes navigating the world of spare-tire racks.

Just as trunk racks carry bikes, spare-tire racks carry bikes but also can be adapted to carry skis and snowboards. Spare-tire racks are easy to load and access, and unlike trunk racks, provide clear access to the trunk of your car!

When considering a spare-tire rack, you still need to consider how your bikes are going to swing and how many bikes you will be transporting. This consideration will help in choosing the best spare-tire rack for your vehicle!

As always, you can contact us with any questions you have regarding your spare-tire rack needs! Rack Solid has three locations to serve you in BerkeleySan Francisco, and Santa Monica.

Brands to look at when looking for a spare-tire rack:

yakima car racks thule roof racks