Having a pickup is great for hauling the big stuff in life.

But your bikes? Not so much. Unless you have a truck rack for your pickup that keeps your bikes and gear from moving around when on the go.

The benefits of truck racks are endless but the main benefit is the limitless amount of cargo your truck rack will allow you to carry, and, keep your passengers comfortable to where ever it is you are going.

So how do you choose a truck rack? First, consider the cargo your truck rack will need to haul for you. Second, check out the Thule and Yakima Fit guides to help you determine the truck rack that will work best for you!

As always, you can contact us with any questions you have regarding your trunk rack needs! Rack Solid has three locations to serve you in BerkeleySan Francisco and Santa Monica.

Brands you should look at when looking for truck racks:

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