Yakima ForkChop


The unique ForkChop is a highly versatile fork mount bike carrier. It transports virtually any bike, including both quick release and thru-axles, and does it all without touching the bike frame. The ForkChop fits 12 & 15mm thru-axle bikes out of the box and quick release fat bikes with the optional Fat Bike QR Locking Skewer accessory. The split design makes it ideal for use with a cargo basket or for a minimalist look on your vehicle’s roof rack. Universal mounting hardware makes the ForkChop compatible with almost any roof rack. Optional SKS Locks (2) can be added to secure your bike to the mount and the mount to your roof rack.

  • Crossbar spread must be ±10” of bike wheelbase for proper use Accommodates 9mm, 12mm, and 15mm thru axles.
  • Tire width capacity is 5″. Includes medium (up to 3.25″) and long straps (3.25″+).
  • Included axle adapters: 9mm x 100mm 12mm x 100mm 15mm x 100mm 15mm x 110mm 15mm x 150mm (trimmable to 135 or 142mm)
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